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For this assignment, choose any three (3) concepts from Chs. 14-16 discussed in class, define/explain each in your own words, and give a concrete example (real world from your life, i.e. school performance, professional goals, relationships) of how you would use/plan to use each of them (e.g., “(e.g., “Now that I know about …, I understand why …).

Submit your paper (worth 5% of your final grade) as an Attached File only. The length of your paper must be at least 300 words in total (relevant to the prompt content ONLY; your or Professor’s name, course or assignment title, References list, etc. are NOT included in the word count) , with 100 words (minimum) for each concept.

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real life events personal statement Assignments | Essay Help Services
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Keep in mind the following instructions:

Submit your paper first via www.Turnitin. To sign up, use this information: Class ID: 24771826; Enrollment Key: DEP2004A
If your Plagiarism score is less than 20%, upload your paper for grading by clicking on the “Writing Assignment #3” title above
If your Plagiarism score higher than 20%, revise and re-submit your paper until the plagiarism score is under 20%
Be sure to support your thoughts with what you learned in class and read in the textbook (don’t forget to watch the videos I posted for you in the “Week 3” folder). For additional sources and information, use Keiser University Library’s EBSCOHost Database Platform at

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