Reflective Response

Need to write Reflective Response!

Please Read all instructions clearly and read the attached word document as well!
Reflective response: (The solutions and strong ideas must be provided for all the addressed issues below.)

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Reflective Response
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As a college math professor, need to write two pages reflective response (single space)

Reflective response to the following factors and all questions. Solutions and strong ideas must be provided on the reflective response.


As a college math Professor, how has your professional activity and development contributed to your performance in teaching and/or SLCC’s Values, Mission, and Strategic Goals during COVID-19 pandemic?

SLCC: Salt Lake Community College (Vission, Mission and goals added

At the end.


There are so many issues on online-Virtual teaching using WebEx. Specially need to talk about college level math online-virtual teaching issues using WebEX.

Better solutions and strong ideas must be provided to improve online-virtual teaching using WebEX.

Exams are being held by using “Proctorio” (online proctoring system).

But, students are still cheating and hard to control. How can we resolve these issues and provide strong ideas.

Teaching online-virtual classes posed a very big challenge to math professors on their teaching pedagogies and philosophies because many professors had developed their teaching pedagogies and philosophies based on the traditional way of teaching and interacting with their students face-to-face. What are the solutions?





The lessons that math professors had prepared for as per the traditional methods of teaching were predicated by student’s face-to-face participation, students working in groups, presentations, and hands-on experiences.

How can resolve these issues using WebEX online-virtual lectures during COVID-19?



In classroom-based teaching, I give my students immediate face-to-face feedback. The immediate feedback plays a very big role in helping students who are experiencing problems.

How to resolve this issue when we use WebEx online lectures?



Contrary to the adopted pedagogies, the old ones encouraged social interaction, encouraging communication, and the exchange of ideas one-on-one. The new pedagogies are remote, hence no interaction. Many students feel less motivated and socially isolated.

How to solve above issues during pandemic For more information on  Reflective Response Check:

 Reflective Response

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