Reflective Writing

In this reflective writing , I would like to agree or disagree & explain why ? And used examples in our day to day to respond to this reflective writing .

You can cited a source if needed but it is not recommended

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Reflective Writing
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Reflective writing about :

The social determinants of health can influence population health and have a major impact on health outcomes. Some social determinants that affect the health of a population include availability of resources, education, social support, social norms, healthcare services, public, socioeconomic conditions, and the environment (Healthy People, 2020). Five key areas of determinants within a population are focused on economic stability, education, social and community context, healthcare and neighborhood and built environment (Health People, 2020). Based on these factors, the health of a population can vary. Regarding socioeconomic status such as income, education or occupation, within a population, is linked to various health problems and affects the quality of life of people within the community. People with a lower socioeconomic statuses are likely to have a lower life expectancy and suffer more from chronic conditions (Arpey, 2017). Educational inequalities within populations reflect on the health of a population. A lack of educational programs, educational resources, school programs and language and literacy can lead to people making poor choices about their health without fully understanding the consequences (Oshio, 2018). Reduced access to healthcare and healthcare services including access to healthcare providers and health management facilities can negatively affect health of a population. People who don’t have easy access to health care or good quality healthcare end up missing doctor visits and appointments which doesn’t allow them to be up to date about their health. For example, a person suffering from a chronic disease such as a cardiovascular disease or diabetes would bit be able to manage their health well since they don’t have great access to healthcare. For others, it may be easier or more cost effective to skip a few doctor’s appointments or trips to the pharmacy, all of which affects their health. The neighborhoods and environments plays a role in population health as well. People residing in an unsafe environment with high crime rates or reduced access to foods that support healthy eating and quality of housing affects population health. Studies have shown that a combination of poor environmental quality and the presence of social inequalities result in more sicknesses and diseases than communities with better environmental qualities (NIEHS, 2020).

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Reflective Writing

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