Reflective Writing



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Reflective Writing
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Themes: Democracy, Capitalism, Mobility and Difference


All Answers must relate to the themes and must use book as reference as well.


1. How are the major themes that we have discussed over the course of this term still at play in the contemporary U.S.?


2. Why was there a shift to the political right in the 1970s and 1980s and how do our four themes play into those changes?


3. What were the strengths and weaknesses of LBJ’s Great Society Programs as well as the triumphs and limits of the Civil Rights Movement? How did the Vietnam war change these dyHow do this course’s four themes shape these developments?


4. How did the emergence of mass affluence in the mid-twentieth century mark a break with the developments we have seen in previous periods of U.S. history, and how do the four themes that I am obsessed with come into play in these developments? For more information on Reflective Writing Check:,in%20his%20or%20her%20life.

Reflective Writing

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