150 Best Religion Research Paper Topics In 2021

150 Best Religion Research Paper Topics In 2021

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Religion and religious practices have been a debate for ages. People disagree on matters of worship, morality, and responsibility. As we continue to advance in technology and interact with new cultures, religion takes new roots. Let’s look at some religion research paper topics 2021.

What is a religion essay?


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150 Best Religion Research Paper Topics In 2021
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It’s a research topic that explains societal beliefs system and how it affects their actions and decision-making process. The world has over four thousands registered religion; not to mention the local ones which are not documented. Each religion differs from others on doctrinal issues. They impact how people respond to technology and constitutions. Writing a religious essay topic is a great way to show people’s ways of life.

Importance of religious research paper topics

It affects people’s lives

Christianity research paper topics are an essential field of study since religion affects people’s lives. What people eat, wear, watch, and how they talk depends on their beliefs. Studying these topics helps form a nonjudgmental attitude against people with different opinions on how people should live.

For better policies

The government makes better policies based on research. Research topics on religion and culture inform the administrators on how to approach issues in society. People are likely to disobey a government directive or policy if it’s against their religion.

For societal tolerance

The most significant wars in the world are fueled by religion. People fight because they feel their faith is superior to others. Writing Christianity research papers topics helps to change this perspective. People get a new light about other religions. They also overcome misconceptions about people’s faith.

For knowledge sake

It’s good to write essays on the psychology of religion research topics to add to the existing knowledge. Today you have reference materials on religious matters because someone took time to research the case. It’s important to continue producing more materials to help future generations. Here is the list;

1.     Should public figures keep their faith private?

It’s an excellent essay topic to write about, especially now that people question Joe Biden’s professed faith. They want to know whether it will influence his decision-making process, especially on abortion.

2.     Religion’s role in fighting Coronavirus

The public wants to know whether priests and other religious leaders have an opinion on the pandemic or leave the decision to scientists. Such is an example of a world’s religion research paper topic that needs a deep study.

3.     The role of religion on world conflicts

Religion contributed to world conflicts that claimed thousands of people’s lives. Studying these conflicts through religious research paper topics will help the current society not make the same mistake in the past, especially now that world religions continue to increase.

4.     The possibility of one world religion

In the recent past, world religious leaders have discussed the possibility of having one religion. A religious research topic example would investigate whether such endeavor will bear fruits given the diversity of beliefs in the world today.

5.     Should Christians engage in politics?

It’s a perfect qualitative research title, especially now that Christians are engaging in political affairs. The early Christians were particular about their involvement in worldly affairs. What reference material did they use to make their decision?

6.     Should Christians vote?  

The Bible teaches that Christians should not encourage immorality, such as corruption. It’s hard to know whether your leader will be corrupt. Should you vote and be accountable for his actions?

7.     Removing religious education in schools

In the recent past, atheists have argued that teaching religion in school is brainwashing children. They say that children should be allowed to be free.

8.     Teaching children all religions and letting them make a choice

The world’s current argument is to introduce children to all religions and allow them to choose what to follow. Some schools in the USA have already introduced Satanism and atheism. Such a religion research paper topic is needed to understand the bearing of this decision.

9.     Is religion still the opium of the poor?

Does the idea that religion is a relief to the poor still stand? Are there rich religious people to counter-argue this point? What about bible characters such as Job and Abraham, who were rich?

10.Religion as a major cause of poverty in developing countries

People argue that faith blinds developing countries which make them poor. Is there evidence to support the argument? Scholars will help by writing an essay topic about this claim.

11.Should the church be consulted on state matters?

Religion has a significant influence on supporting the government as it’s a link to the people. To what extent should you involve them during the decision-making process?

12.The role of religion in shaping societal morals

A religious essay is needed to explain how religion shapes people’s behavior. Some have doubted whether religion shapes behavior. They question the existence of increasing immorality in an increasing religious society.

13.Is religion still relevant?

Many have left religion, arguing that it’s no longer beneficial. A research topic on religion and culture will help. What was religion’s previous role, and why do people feel it has lost its meaning?

14.Is there a true religion?

Everyone’s religion claims that it’s the true religion. Is there a standard or a theory that determines the right faith?

15.Why so many denominations, and yet there is one God?

The world has over four thousand religions. The most challenging research paper on Christianity is to understand how one God leads these religions. Why do they differ significantly?

16.Gender roles and religion

What does religion teach on the role of a man and a woman? Who is the leader in the family? Should people make collaborative decisions, or should they be left to man?

17.Religious understanding of gender rights

 Religion has trampled people’s rights.  What does the Bible teach about equality? Should a woman be subject to an abusive man? Should a man correct his wife even if it takes physical torture? Should a woman stay at home and never develop her career? Such are samples thesis statement about religion on this issue.

18.Religion on marriage

Different religions have their opinion about marriage. A religious research paper topic would be examples of these opinions and how they differ.

19.Shared religious beliefs across most religions

Religions have common grounds. You can do religious essay topics about the beliefs and their dominance among different groups.

20.The point of contradiction between religions

Religions differ due to doctrinal understanding. What are examples of the doctrines, and which religion differs most?

21.To what extent should the government allow freedom of worship?

It’s one of the contradicting psychologies of the religion research topic. The state has violated freedom of worship before. When should the government allow people to worship? Is the right to worship limited?


22.How does the law define freedom of worship?

 A research paper about religion will look at the law and religion. People need to understand whether what they practice as a religion is protected by the law.

23.Are there laws forbidding particular forms of worship?

 People have argued that some religious practices are not allowed by the law. Is a religion that requires human sacrifice allowed? Doesn’t it violate the right to life?

24.Should the government show partiality on religion and people?

 The USA’s founding fathers clearly stated that the government would not favor any religion or people belonging to a particular religion. Has this changed? Should the faith with the majority of citizens be treated differently?

25.Christianity’s stand on gay marriage

Another research bible topic that brings contradiction is gay marriages. The early Christians opposed the union. What is the stand for today’s Christianity? Do they have the same opinion?

26.What evidence do religions give on gay marriage?

Islamic religion still has its stand against the gay union. What argument do they give to oppose the act? Have they always had the same perspective, or is it a recent argument?

27.Does the Bible allow Christians to judge the gay community?

Christians portray public hate towards the gay. Does the Bible support such acts? How should they treat them? Gay marriage is one of the world’s religious research paper topics that can reduce hatred against the gay community.

28.What do religious books teach about dealing with sinners?

Some religions seem different in how they deal with sinners. They treat them as the worst people in the community. Where do they get the attitude? Do religious books teach that they should separate themselves from other people?

29.Are gay people worse than fornicators and adulterers?

What do the Bible and other religious books teach about sinners? Does it teach that the gay community will suffer more than robbers and corrupt people? A religious essay on this topic may help religious people to understand that all sins are equal.  

30.The hell’s as a religious research topics

Religions have their view about hell and how it looks. What are some of these beliefs and torment, and how do they impact religious behaviors?

31.Does the Bible teach that there are people in hell right now?

Some religions teach that people are burning in hell right now. They encourage their friends to pray for them and offer sacrifices to bring them out of hell. What does the Bible teach about hell? Do other religious books teach the same thing?

32.Religious teaching about heaven

Do religions have the same understanding about heaven? Do they believe there is heaven? What is the difference in knowledge on the topic?

33.Religious teaching on the people who will go to heaven

Religions have a different perspective of who will be in heaven and what they will do in heaven? Which evidence do they use to bring out their argument? What qualifies people to be in heaven?

34.Different Religions’ understanding of the trinity

 A Christian research paper topic on the trinity has gained momentum. The essential questions coming up are what the trinity is.  Are there three Gods in heaven?  What does the Bible teach about the trinity?

35.Religious teaching on faith and works

People fight over this sample thesis title about religion. They argue whether faith should replace works or they are both critical. Some say that work is a manifestation of faith. Which perspective is proper according to the Bible?

36.Where do people go when they die?

This psychology of religion research topic has baffled many. People give suggestive condolences to bereaved members that their dead relatives are in heaven. What does the Bible teach about the deceased? What do Egyptians believe about their ancestors?

37.Why does God allow people to suffer?

It’s an excellent religious topic for presentation. As people continue to die of hunger and Corona Virus, many ask why God allows such things to happen. What do books say about God’s power in the world? Has he left the world to suffer? Has he offered a solution?

38.Do our dead loved ones appear to us in dreams?

 People have claimed that they saw their dead relatives speaking to them in dreams. They talk the same as they did when they were alive. What does the Bible teach about their state? Can they speak to us? If not, who appears to people in dreams?

39.Should religious people defend themselves in war, or should they be like Jesus?

If someone attacks you, should you use what’s near to defend yourself or let them injure you? What do the religious books teach about self-defense?

40.Should a religious judge sentence an offender to death?

The Bible teaches that Christians should not kill. What about a judge who passed a death sentence on a murderer? Did he act like a Christian or a state’s law?


41.Should religious people lie to protect life?

When it’s a matter of life and death, should you disregard your faith and save a life, or should you keep calm and wait for God to help? What are examples of religious characters that were in the same scenario?

42.Religious stand on early marriages

Some religious founders are accused of practicing early marriages. Do the current leaders have a different opinion, or do they still marry underage girls?

religion research paper topics

 More religious research paper topics

  1. Can people still be forgiven when they die?
  2. God is not dead
  3. Does Satan exist?
  4. Religious beliefs on the role of families
  5. Is being good the same as being a Christian?
  6. Will people go to heaven because of their work?
  7. Does the church make the government lazy by taking up its work, such as building schools?
  8. Should Christians wear jewelry?
  9. Religious teaching on abortion
  10. Are there exceptions when Christians should support abortion?
  11. Religious stand on premarital sex
  12. Is it biblical for Christians to forbid contraceptives?
  13. Should Christians watch pornography?
  14. Should married Christians watch pornography?
  15. Are there religious restrictions on sexual behavior in marriage?
  16. Religious teaching on incest
  17. Various religious perspectives on polygamy and monogamy
  18. Is it wrong biblical no to do a church wedding?
  19. Religious teachings on how to raise children
  20. Religious perspective on how to punish children
  21. Christianity’s historical origin
  22. Islamic historical origin
  23. Buddhism historical origin
  24. Christianity’s understanding of the origin of Valentine’s Day
  25. The place of women in the Islamic religion
  26. The Islamic view on Jesus
  27. Christianity understanding of Jesus
  28. Do all Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God or he is God?
  29. Was the parting of the red seas miraculous or seasonal
  30. Did Jesus rose from the grave, as Christians claim?
  31. Scientific understanding of the death of Jesus on the cross
  32. What does science say about Jesus weeping drops of blood?
  33. Indians’ understanding of caste and afterlife
  34. The Egyptians Gods and the modern sorcery
  35. Was the woman who appeared to Lucia in 1916 Jesus’ mother?
  36. A scientific explanation of Lucia’s experience in 1916
  37. Are the Ten Commandments above states’ laws?
  38. Should religious people disregard states’ laws for religion?
  39. Did people change the Bible during the dark ages?
  40. Is yoga a physical or a spiritual exercise?
  41. Are martial arts a spiritual journey?
  42. Should women preach?
  43. Central teachings from sharia law
  44. Why are there terrorist groups associated with the Islamic religion?
  45. Misconceptions about the Islamic religion
  46. What does Islam teach about terrorism?
  47. How African communities worshiped God before colonization
  48. What evidences does the creation theory have over evolution?
  49. What do archeologists say about creation?
  50. Do archeologists present any evidence that the earth was created?
  51. How can we use modern technology to understand creation?
  52. Evidence showing how old the earth is
  53. Was there a flood on the earth, as the Bible teaches?
  54. Evidence showing the presence of flood on the earth
  55. Did God create the world in six literal days?
  56. Explaining the first and second creation account
  57. Explaining some biblical verses that seem contradictory
  58. Should you read the Bible as a novel?
  59. The existence of angels
  60. How to interpret the book of revelation
  61. Prominent bible prophecies backed up by history
  62. Are the children of Israel real or fictional?
  63. Historical evidence on the children of Israel’s journey from Egypt
  64. Evidence on the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah
  65. Religious understanding of faith
  66. The role of religion in helping teenagers’ transition
  67. Understanding classical versus religious councilors
  68. Understanding Judaism
  69. Religions with no gods
  70. The new religion
  71. Reasons for the emergence of new religions
  72. The modern true and false prophets
  73. The origin of demon extortion in the Christian religion
  74. Mythology
  75. Religious stand on slavery
  76. Is it wrong for priests not to marry?
  77. Does the Bible allow polygamy?
  78. Should a woman be allowed to be polyandry?
  79. Is religion losing value?
  80. Is faith inherited, or should children be allowed to choose?
  81. Religious teaching on blood donations and organ transplant
  82. Should it be considered suicide when one refuses an organ transplant due to religion?
  83. Why wealthy countries are less religious
  84. Understanding symbols used in religion
  85. Should employees be allowed to dress religiously at work?
  86. Should countries impose border restrictions against some religions?
  87. Should the church be allowed to rule a country?
  88. Are there laws protecting employees from religious discrimination?
  89. Should the government interfere with people’s beliefs when they violate human rights?
  90. How to know the beginning and end of Eid al-Fitr
  91. Should Christians wear their religious ornament at work and in public?
  92. Should religious people forgive a gross offender and release them from serving prison time?
  93. Will Jesus come again as taught by Christians?
  94. Are there signs foretold in the Bible of Jesus coming?
  95. Are there fulfilled signs backed by history that show Jesus is coming?
  96. How should people be baptized?
  97. Should children be baptized?
  98. What are unclean foods commonly forbidden in most religions?
  99. Which is the biblical day of worship?
  100. Is the Jewish Sabbath still relevant?
  101. Should religious people go to the hospital when sick, or should they wait for divine healing?
  102. Are people born sinners or learn to sin?
  103. What is sin?
  104. Are children angels or sinners?
  105. Should religious pay taxes?
  106. Should religious people join the military?
  107. Should religious, military officers carry guns and kill?
  108. Should religious people sign for anesthesia for a loved one in much pain?


Religious research topics are endless.  People have accepted that religion influences decision-making and the way of living. Researching in this field has become an essential endeavor for social scientists. Use these topics to write your thesis statement on spiritual matters. hire professional writers to help you with difficult essay questions.

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