Research Article Executive

Research Article Executive Summaries
Please revise and resubmit with the article reference so that I know where it came from and I can go to the article, if needed.

a. Read empirical research articles with the same/similar focus as your chosen topic of interest (Divorce and the Effects on Children). Articles must be based on a study where data were collected from a sample, analyzed, and findings were shared. In addition to increasing your skills of abstracting key points from articles, the summaries will provide you with material to synthesize for later integration in the literature review section of the Research Proposal assignment.

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Research Article Executive
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b. For each of the four articles, complete a 2-2 ½ page summary using the format provided. The sample paper in d2l will serve as a helpful guide. At the end of the summary, include the full reference citation of the article.


c. After the reference citation, complete a 1- 1 ½ page application/critical reflection responding to the following. Note that each research article executive summary assignment has a different set of questions to be answered. Number each of your responses as they are numbered below.

Research Article Executive Summary #4


(1) Compare and contrast descriptive and inferential data analyses. Include an example of each type (descriptive,

inferential) of data analysis.

(2) What was the type of data analysis in this study – descriptive, inferential, or both? How do you know?

(3) Under the descriptive and inferential “umbrellas”, there are different types of data analysis

(e.g., frequencies, percentages, t tests, regressions). What were the specific types of data analysis in this

study? Why do you think these types of analysis were a good fit for the study?


Please Reference- Understanding Research Methods By Patten & Newhart
Practical Research by Leedy and Ormrod.For more information on Research Article Executive read :

 Research Article Executive

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