Research Google Company

termine what company you are interested in applying to. Consider this company to a company you want to work for full time after high school. (Click to see what companies are in your state. – List of Companies in the US) Once you find your company answer the following questions.

1. What is the name of the company?

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Research Google Company
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2. What is the company website?

3. How does your objective from your resume support this company? 4. What social media sites did you find for the company? Examples – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. a. What is the social media site you found for the company you are researching? b. Does the company have a favorable social media presence? Why or why not.

5. What would be your top 5 questions to ask a potential employer when during an interview? Click for examples of questions to ask the interviewer.

6. Do a search on the company for news. List at least 2 links to news articles you have found on your company.

7. Find 3 competitors in the industry. a. List the name of each company and the company website. 8. Research the job you want? Use this site as a guide. a. What is the average salary? Example: Software Developer Click “Computer” For more information on Research Google Company Check:

Research Google Company

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