Research Paper

Before we get to the prompt, here are both SLOs for this class—note that now you will do all of these things as applied to a research paper.


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Research Paper
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Analyze rhetorical and thematic elements of college-level fiction and non-fiction by composing critical analyses, including a research paper, with clear thesis statements and specific, relevant support.


Compose unified, coherent essays, including a research paper, with minimal errors in Standard English grammar, mechanics, and MLA format.


Here is your Research Paper Essay Prompt:


Problem/ Solution Research Paper

Healthy Living and Disease Prevention in the Twenty-First Century



For our research paper this term, you will be looking at a problem plaguing our contemporary society, examining that problem in its context, and providing meaningful solutions that are not just a temporary fix but instead offer more of a long-term solution. The topic this term is Healthy Living and Disease Prevention in the Twenty-First Century. This research assignment will give you practice in masterfully incorporating the ideas of others into your own work. This project will also allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you gained this term by crafting a focused thesis statement, supporting your thesis with quality sources, and creating a very unified project.


Writing Task: Respond to the following essay prompt with a well-developed, focused, polished, coherently organized essay of 6 – 7 full pages:


Write an informative yet argumentative problem/ solution essay on your pre-approved topic that seamlessly incorporates source material.


Directions: For this essay, you must develop an argumentative thesis that clearly states your purpose; therefore, you must take a stance that shows your strong opinion on your chosen topic, and you must state your thesis as the last sentence of your first paragraph. A weak thesis will result in a weak paper and a low grade. This essay must include at least six but no more than eight quality sources. Use direct quotes as evidence; summaries are weak evidence. No anonymous articles will be allowed for this project; each article must have an author to count as a source in this paper. All sources you use must be dated within the last five years. Do not use any sources from 2014 or before.For more information on Research Paper check this:

Research Paper

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