The Research Paper is a research paper combining your personal discoveries about a work or works that you can pull from appropriate research sources. The Research Paper must be overwhelmingly yours.


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In three to five pages (at least 3, but no more than 5 pages), not including the cover sheet and reference page, research and discuss a topic from the list below.

The development of the American juvenile justice system
Analyze factors influencing the development of the American juvenile justice system.
Summarize the beginning of the juvenile era. Include information detailing the earliest known juvenile laws.
Define and discuss how parens patriae relates to the juvenile justice system.
Summarize the original intent of the juvenile justice courts’ treatment aspect and discuss the social changes that began to impact the system in the 1960s.
Delinquency Theories
Provide a descriptions of a delinquency theory. Include an analysis of how the theory views delinquency and its causes.
Choose the theory most associated with your beliefs and explain why you support that particular theory.
Gang Violence Prevention
Why do juveniles join gangs?
What are some social characteristics (psychological profile) commonly associated with an individual involved in a gang? Describe these characteristics.
What can parents do to help their children stay clear of gangs?
How can the community and schools help prevent juveniles’ involvement in gang activity?
What approaches are the best for addressing prevention and helping kids get out of gang membership? To best illustrate your response, provide an example of one such approach utilized by a community program or delinquency prevention program.
Adult Court Waiver
What is the purpose of the adult court waiver?
Specifically, what does it mean for juveniles, as far as their legal rights are concerned, once they have been waived to the adult court system?
Has the use of the adult court waiver become more common in recent years?
What are the penalties that juveniles can face once they are waived to the adult system?
Are there any penalties that juveniles cannot face once they are waived to the adult system?
List and describe at least two benefits and two drawbacks of the adult court waiver. Make sure to support your assertions with research.

You are to research the topic using either traditional methods (books, journals, articles, etc.), by using the Internet, or a combination of both. All works referenced, from either source, must be documented and credit given to the author or web site. For more information on  Criminology check:,noun,enforcement%2C%20etcSee%20also%20penology


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