Research Proposal

You will be writing a business research proposal for the company you work for (or you may make one up if you are not currently employed) to TPTB (the powers that be) for approval. Your proposal will be based on researching a problem an opportunity, or a challenge your company faces at work.

Keep in mind 2 things:

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Research Proposal
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Since this is a proposal, you do not have to do the actual research and data collection and analysis. You are proposing what you plan to do.


The goal is to get your proposal approved. Therefore it must be significant and have meaning and value to the organization.

This part will be between 300 – 500 words long and address the following:

Describe the limitations of your proposed research study.
Describe the significance of your proposed research study in terms of real-world business practice.

Your submission should use APA format and include in-text and bibliographic references.

I am doing my research proposal on employee retention.For more information on Research Proposal read :

Research Proposal

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