Roller Coaster Ride Experience

This term the topic for the writing assignment is Roller Coasters. Write a research paper at least 1000 words long. The deadline to submit the research paper is November 30. During the term you may submit the assignment for comments and resubmit the final version by November 30. Your paper should cover the following:

Introduction – Describe any roller coaster ride experience that you have had

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Roller Coaster Ride Experience
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The physics of roller coasters based upon reading three references of your choice

Explain the changes in kinetic and potential energies as the roller coaster moves

Watch the video –

The above video must not be one of your references. Find three of your own references

At the end of your research paper, list the references that you used in accordance with standard citing protocols.For more information on Roller Coaster Ride Experience  check this:

Roller Coaster Ride Experience

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