Ronald Vernie Dellums

My assigned person in Ronald Vernie Dellums.  Some people argue that African Americans have no past. In an effort to challenge this dominant interpretation of African American History, black people have worked to honor themselves with public displays – plaques, statutes, naming schools or other institutions after our people, and celebrating their birthdays.  Based on your extensive research of your assigned person, present a 6-page paper (prose) documenting how: Your assigned person fused pride of race with pride of the nation in claiming her/his rightful place in America;

How did your assigned person attempt to preserve and pass on the legacy of the past and How your person would critique the article (A or B) depending on your last name) as a life lesson for the future of people.   You will carefully introduce your assigned person, then answer the questions above.  You should have at least 6 different academic sources, excluding the assigned class text for this paper. Page 7 should have your citations and page 8 should have your bibliography.   Your cover page will have a quote from your assigned person, and you will document the source of that quote. For more information on Ronald Vernie Dellums read this:

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