Screening Essay

This essay must be 2-3 pages and follow the current APA format, not including a title page or
the reference page, and proper margins, spacing, and at least 4 citations must be used from textbooks or peer-reviewed journal articles.

The first page of content will address behavioral patterns of use that are shared in your AA group. After a proper introductory paragraph, use the first page to describe the different patterns of use described in the meetings: Without disclosing any identifying information, discuss behaviors of substance use disorders (such as intensity, frequency, length of time, attempts to change) that were discussed in the meetings and the pertinence of these behaviors to an assessment. Then, use the next page to discuss what additional information you would need to complete a thorough screening and assessment in order to be able to properly diagnose an individual, including how you would gather this information if you were screening and then assessing the individual.

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Screening Essay
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The behavioral pattern observed in AA meeting examples

One individual reported experiencing relapse after twenty-seven days clean. This same individual also reported feelings of shame and regret using. This participant also reported changing his drug of choice (DOC) and using it with others. Also reported use related to stress in the home, loss of a job, and feelings of loneliness.

The second person reported having struggles with dreaming of using and experience anxiety when engaging in a discussion of addiction.

The third person reported a feeling of isolation, lack of support from family members, and constant thoughts of using. This client reported being clean for 96 days with medical assistance treatment. (MAF)  and wanting to stop MAF treatment.

Make sure you do not disclose any personal information. You will be strictly reporting the use. For example: “One individual shared that they drank a case of beer a day, while another discussed binge drinking on weekends.” The second page of your essay will address information you would need, but did not glean from the meetings, to finish screening and complete a thorough assessment that would enable you to properly diagnose an individual (you are not actually diagnosing in this assignment). The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to clinically think through the information you have and what further information would be needed in order to properly diagnose an individual. For example, you do not need to report details about where you are attending or other miscellaneous meeting details. You are simply focused on what you heard regarding behavioral patterns in your meetings. This may be minimal information, depending on what people share in the meetings, such as just indicating how much they used during a relapse. Conversely, you may have multiple people who have shared very specifically about how much they used, how frequently, for how long, and how they have attempted to change. Your goal is to report what you know, then describe what else you would need to know in order to accurately screen and assess.For more information on Screening Essay read this:

Screening Essay

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