Shays Rebellion

All papers must be typed, double spaced, 10 or 12 point type and 10-12 pages long. All papers should be proof-read to insure there are no typographical, spelling or grammatical errors. Margins should be 1 inch. Footnotes or endnotes must be used. History uses the Chicago Manual of Style format, not the MLA or any other. Citing within the text is not acceptable.
Your paper is an essay and should reflect your own thinking. The paper is a way to see how the student constructs an argument. It is less concerned with the one correct or “right” answer.

Papers should have a clear introduction and conclusion. Your argument should be clear to the reader from the introduction through the conclusion. Strategy:
A complete answer should set the historical place of your topic. Why is it important? How did it affect New England history? How did it alter the history of New England?
Strive to include as much primary source information in your paper as possible. As a rule, you should quote primary source material and paraphrase secondary source material.

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Shays Rebellion
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Shays Rebellion

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