Shopping and Consumerism



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Shopping and Consumerism
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ASA (American Sociological Association) CITATION IS A MUST.


Write an essay that reflects on this video

You have some creative license when it comes to this essay—its organization, structure, and the precise nature of your argument.

You will be asked to watch a short video (10 minutes), and write an essay that responds to the video

The strongest essays will be chock full of relevant evidence, and will clearly demonstrate an engagement with course concepts, theories, and readings.

Concepts and therioes like and as follows:
– Consumer culture (concept)
– Conspicuous Consumption (Veblen theory)
– McDonaldization
– Impression management (Goffman developed the concept of to describe the work that goes into managing the self we display for others)
– Capitalism
– Globalization
– Diderot Effect

Avoid rambling and repetition

You can write the essay referencing your own personal experiences, but you should use academic language

The goal of the essay test is for you to demonstrate that you can apply your learning in this course to the real problems (and seductions!) of consumer culture.


-Don’t plagiarize your essay. Write it in your own words.



Evaluation criteria

Your essay will be evaluated on:

a) The depth and originality of your analysis (Ask yourself: Have I understood the question, and can I make connections to course content? How can I use evidence from the course to discuss this topic?)
b) Critical thinking and reading skills (Ask yourself: Am I thinking creatively about the issue? Am I regurgitating, or putting the ideas together in an interesting way?)
c) The application of key course concepts, readings, and lecture notes to the analysis (Ask yourself: Have I conveyed the knowledge I gained in the course? Do I reference appropriate concepts, authors, readings, and lecture ideas to answer the question?)
d) Coherence and organization of argument / clarity of expression (Ask yourself: Does my response make logical sense? Have I organized my thoughts in a coherent way, using smooth transitions and concise expressions? Have I proofread sufficiently? Is the tone of my writing compelling and appropriate for academic writing?)




“we experience consumer society as something natural. But it’s not” – Juliet Schor.For more information on Shopping and Consumerism read :

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