Small Business Incubator

Chapter 6 – use textbook as reference 1
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Small Business Incubator
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Find a current article on the role of a Small Business Incubator and its role in Small Business development. Prepare a 1-2 page paper(double spaced) summarizing the article and discussing your ideas and benefit of these tools.

Include, as a minimum, the following in your paper:

1. Write a 1-2 page paper, summarize the article, and discuss your ideas on these tools.

2. APA Style with title and reference page with course text and article referenced as a minimum. Additionally, be sure to include at least one reference/citation from the text in your assignment. Double spacing is preferred.

3. Please attach a copy of the article. (failure to do so will result in points lost. You can cut and paste it at the end of your paper or by separate attachment.For more information on Small Business Incubator check this:

Small Business Incubator

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