Social Movement

Take a Republican stance and use I
Issues  #1 pro life
Issue #2 Gun ownership
Issue #3 Anti discrimination

introduction Tell the reader about the three issues you care most about, what leader influenced you and what social movement speaks to you.

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Social Movement
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Issue 1: Paragraph discussing your issues with supporting research that illustrate why your party is the party that solves the problem (use policy, legislation etc). Include transition sentence.

Issue 2: Repeat with second issue. Include transition sentence.

Issue 3: Repeat with third issue. Include transition sentence to Leadership section

Leadership Include two paragraphs discussing the leader that has influenced you to identify with your political party. Examples: MLK, Thomas Jefferson, Maya Angelou, Ayn Rand, President Obama etc. Need transition sentence.

Social Movement Include two paragraphs discussing the grassroots social movement that shows your party in action. Examples: Black Lives Matter, 99%, Pro-life etc. Need transition sentence.

Conclusion Leave the reader with a sense of who you are politically. Tell them what you told them. End strong

must include 5 citations in MLA format
don’t worry about an outline.For more information on Social Movement read this:

Social Movement

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