Source Evaluation Project

ENG 112: Source Evaluation Project
The final project in the class will be an analysis of two sources that you research on a scholarly database. You MUST use one of the databases indicated below to find the sources. You may use a combination of different databases, but they must be approved from the sites listed or you will not be awarded credit for this project, and you will be unable to cite from either of the sources in the final exam/timed writing.
First, you must choose the work that you plan to focus on in your final timed writing. You will answer a literary analysis question on the final exam about one of the following authors that we will study as a class:

• Brooks, “We Real Cool” TSIS A101-A10

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Source Evaluation Project
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The sources you research will assist you in providing a thorough supporting literary argument on the final exam.
Follow these steps to complete the source evaluation project:
• Visit the link for the library: Library_(opens_new_window) [text address:] to access the online catalog and the library databases JSTOR and NC Live to search for scholarly articles.
• Find two sources that articulate a strong critical analysis of the work. First provide a citation entry for the work in proper MLA format. See ch. 56b, item #13c on page 441.
• Note that you should not cite NC Live as a database: NC Live is a server that houses a number of different databases to search; it is not itself a database. You may simply type in JSTOR for that database source. Type in the citation for the work at the top of your page.
• Once you have cited the work, refer to ch. 52b-c on pages 378-384 and answer all of the questions in the textbox titled “Assessing an argument” on page 384 (blue box at the bottom of the page. In particular, focus on the following:
• Indicate the credentials of the author of the article. Make sure that the author is a critic and a scholar.
• Indicate if the article asserts a judgment or an evaluation of the literary work. Does it cover more than just the work in question? If so, what comparison {to what other works and for what purpose} does it offer?
• Instead of evaluating how it relates to your “tentative thesis,” instead indicate what new information you have learned from the work. Does the source offer greater insight into the work that helps you to gain a broader perspective of it?
• Finally, are there parts of the work that are not clear or understandable to you? Look up in the dictionary any words that you do not understand and be prepared to read over the article more than once to gain some perspective. You need not number or bullet the information; rather, write a full paragraph that evaluates each source based on all of the criteria. Each source evaluation should be roughly one page in full page length. Please make sure that your analysis is submitted in proper MLA format, with correct margin settings, a first-page header, title, and pagination headers on each page. Make sure that the work is properly revised for grammatical correctness as well.

Complete and submit your source evaluation by Friday, Dec. 6.For more information on Source Evaluation Project check this:

Source Evaluation Project

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