Source Evaluations

SOURCE EVALUATIONS: paper is only as credible as the research it’s built upon. Based on instruction provided in the “How to Locate and Evaluate Sources” video, and using the sample evaluation as a guide, submit in-depth evaluations for two of your sources and two brief evaluations for the remaining sources. Specific details of the requirements of the evaluation assignments will be available in the “Source Evaluation Guides” link. You must provide a live link to each article/source along with its evaluation. I cannot assess your evaluation without reviewing the article itself.

Source 1 in-depth Evaluation due TUES. 11/24 @ 11:59pm

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Source Evaluations
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Source 2 in-depth evaluation and Sources 3, 4


2.THOROUGH DRAFT of your paper due for peer review. You will read two of your classmates’ drafts and two of your classmates will read your draft in order to provide a peer evaluation/review.

3.Final draft of paper due TUES. 11/24 @ 11:30am

SAMPLE ARTICLE ONE: In-Depth Eval answer all questions she askes through the essay from this doc link.For more information on Source Evaluations read :

Source Evaluations

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