Struggle of the French Canadians

Some conceive Quebec history as the struggle of the French Canadians for collective survival, as exemplified through a series of significant political events that begin with the Treaty of Paris (1763). By contrast, social and economic history presents a different narrative, in which the political dimension is less relevant to understand the experience of the people. Are these two narratives irreconciliable, or are they better understood in relation to one another? In your essay, make sure to address economic, social, and political dimensions, and to pay attention to class, gender, and ethnicity.


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Struggle of the French Canadians
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Make a clear thesis statement in a short introduction and structure your answer as an essay with arguments, supporting evidence, and a short conclusion. o Provide sufficient context and relevant examples.


o Use quotes sparingly! Instead, prioritize paraphrasing – Do not use block quotes.For more information on Struggle of the French Canadians read :

Struggle of the French Canadians

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