Technical Requirements

A large corporate client on the brink of failure has hired a consultant (you) to solve their problem. You are tasked with organizing a plan to solve your client’s issue and “present” your plan to their Board of Directors. You must organize a plan to keep your client in business by following The Project Scope Checklist located in the textbook in Section 4.1—Defining the Project Scope.

You must identify the following in your project:
•    Your corporate client (Name of the company that’s hired you. I.e. Sears)
•    Your client’s issue (Example: declining sales due to too many competitors offering a similar product)
•    How you plan on solving the problem using the six steps on the Project Scope Checklist: 1) Project Objective, 2) Deliverables, 3) Milestones, 4) Technical Requirements, 5) Limits and Exclusions, and 6) Reviews with Customer.

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Technical Requirements
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Your “presentation” to the Board must be in the following format:
•    5 page paper, minimum. Times New Roman, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins; no funny business with the formatting.
•    Feel free to include charts, visuals, etc. However, make sure a majority of the paper is pure writing. Do not give me 4 pages worth of charts and graphs and 1 page of writing.
•    Write in full sentences. Do not use fragments, bullet points, lists, etc.

    Your paper must be submitted via Blackboard by the EOD Sunday, March 21st, 2021.
    You can select a company that is currently in risk of failing (i.e. JCPenney) or one that’s already failed (i.e. Blockbuster). If you are choosing one that’s already been dissolved, please pretend that they are still open and you are trying to prevent their failure.
    Clearly explain what the company’s issue is that’s bringing them close to failure.
    Clearly explain what your plan wishes to accomplish.
    Clearly describe the risks involved if your plan fails.

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Technical Requirements

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