Technology and Covid-19 Tracing

Part I-With governments at all levels now providing increased transparency (sharing information on public management issues, progress with public projects, reports on Internet websites, etc.), will this prompt more citizens to become involved in local government or policy development? Explain.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words

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Technology and Covid-19 Tracing
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Part II-(PowerPoint)-Find a successful public service project that exemplifies effective collaboration with different stakeholders, and summarize the results of the project in a PowerPoint presentation. (Technology and Covid-19 Tracing)

Ensure the PowerPoint presentation includes the location, key stakeholders involved (and their roles), time period to complete the project, and the challenges involved in completing the project.

Also, provide a brief critique of the project:

Is there anything that you would have done differently?
What elements of the project stood out to you?
Your presentation must be a minimum of 12 slides, not including title and reference slides.For more information on Technology and Covid-19 Tracing
read this:

Technology and Covid-19 Tracing

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