The Airborne Toxic Event

These are the exact instructions i was given!
Read Chapters 14-21.

Pay attention to character development, themes relating to TV, themes relating to academia, and, naturally, “The Airborne Toxic Event.

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The Airborne Toxic Event
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” Delillo uses literary techniques like irony and “black humor” throughout his work.Where do you see these elements in White Noise?

Write one page giving your insights to the above as well as other connections to contemporary culture which occur to you.

Keep in mind as you read that the writer is writing this in the early 1980s, prior to 9/11, school shootings, Chernobyl, numberless natural and human-made disasters, and so on.

What do you think of the prophetic nature of this work? Why is it still speaking to us 30+ years later? Submit to discussion board.

Again, continue reading some of the academic articles as you read White Noise to help in understanding what the writer is doing. Incorporate insights into your analyses.There are also articles at the end of your copy of White Noise.
I will upload several academic articles to choice from.
I have also uploaded a screenshot with the EXACT instructions given to me which i highlighted key points of what is needed.For more information on The Airborne Toxic Event read this:

The Airborne Toxic Event

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