The Coronavirus Pandemic


The Coronavirus pandemic and our country’s response to it is a historic event experienced throughout the world. Urie Bronfenbrenner would label this an event in our Chronosystem, one level of his Ecological Systems Theory that represents events occurring over time and their effects on the other 4 levels of the ecosystem. These events include births, marriages, moves, deaths, job loss, weather events, and illness. Other changes are those the child experiences personally such as new stages of development and maturation. The closing of a rural hospital, cutting funds to schools, changing bus routes in a city are among the other changes in a community that affect children and families. The Coronavirus pandemic and the changes it brings to our society are affecting us on all levels of our ecosystems. What the future holds for us and our children won’t be known for some time, but the pandemic’s effects are and will be significant, especially for vulnerable populations. Sometimes these events awaken us to inequities in our communities and society. Many already recognize that systemic racism has left many people more at risk of serious illness or death due to Covid-19. How the pandemic affects each of us will depend on the context of our personal ecosystem and the decisions we and society make in response.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic
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For this assignment, select a child (infant to adolescent or young adult) and their parent you know well and analyze the ways in which the pandemic is impacting their ecosystems using the model of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory.

Purpose of This Assignment:

To explore the effects of the current Coronavirus pandemic on the ecological system of a child and their family.


I’ve given you the event, Coronavirus pandemic, for one level of the Ecological System Theory, the Chronosystem. You will reflect on the other 4 levels of your subjects’ ecosystems. Your analysis should respond to the following:

1.  Describe the child, age, gender, special needs, and vulnerabilities to the virus.

2.  Describe each of the levels of the child’s ecosystem, Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, and Macrosystem. How has the pandemic affected each level of their ecosystem? Address other recent Chronosystem events, unrelated and complicated by the Pandemic, that the child and family face (i.e., separation of parents, new baby, or pregnancy).

3.  How have changes in the child’s ecosystem affected the child physically, emotionally, socially, and academically? What concerns do you have for the child because of the pandemic?

4.  How has the pandemic affected the parent’s ecosystem, socially, economically, medically, and emotionally? What changes, if any, have you observed in the parent-child relationship? What concerns do you have for the parent because of the pandemic?

5.  What do you believe is needed at each of the levels of the ecosystems you’ve described that could provide support and protection for the parent and child? Who should have responsibility for ensuring these needs are met? Explain.

Writing Mechanics:

Written assignments are to be submitted in Dropbox on or before the due date. The Dropbox is available for 7 days after the due date. See the syllabus for rules regarding late assignments. Arrangements for special circumstances must be made in advance of the due date. All files must be saved with .doc, .docx or .pdf extensions. No other format will be accepted.

Paper is a maximum of 5 pages in length and free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. 1″ margins, double spaced, 11-12 point font. The style of writing facilitates communication.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic

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