The Disciplinary Outcomes

Prepare for your self-assessment by reviewing the readings referenced in Part 1.
When you have finished the readings, write a formal essay in which you answer the following question: How have literacy sponsors supported or challenged your progress as a college writer?

Your answer to this question should include:

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The Disciplinary Outcomes
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A clear thesis statement that includes an assessment of your abilities as a college writer in relation to one of your sponsors of literacy
Connections between your assessment and the disciplinary outcomes discussed in Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing, the UW Flexible Option English Department Learning Outcomes, or the Framework for Information Literacy
An analysis of how a literacy sponsor contributed to your successes or challenges in preparing for college writing. As you think about your own sponsors, consider the following questions:
Who were your primary literacy sponsors? What kinds of literacies did they teach you?
Would you consider the level of access you had in these literacies to be sufficient?
What kinds of literacies have you not had access to that you wish you had?
Were there literacy sponsors in your life that prohibited your access to literacy?
Essay Guidelines

Your essay should:

Have an introduction, multiple body paragraphs appropriate to your ideas, and a conclusion.
Have a clear thesis (or main idea). That thesis should offer a clear and specific position based on the readings in regard to the role of literacy sponsors in your preparation for and progress in college writing.
Incorporate specific supporting evidence for your claims. That evidence should come from your own experience, Brandt, and either the Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing, the Framework for Information Literacy, or the English 102 learning outcomes.
Follow the guidelines of a recognized documentation style (such as MLA, APA, or CMS) for in-text citations and the Works Cited page.
Be approximately 3 pages (600 to 900 words) following a recognized documentation style.
The following resource(s) will help you with this essay:

The Bedford Researcher Chapter 19, “Understanding Documentation Systems”

For more information on The Disciplinary Outcomes read :

The Disciplinary Outcomes

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