The Evolution of Healthcare Trends


For this assignment, imagine your workplace is starting a “healthier you” campaign to promote healthy habits and practices among the employees. You have been given a set of questions to reflect on and answer.

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The Evolution of Healthcare Trends
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Use this questionnaire
to evaluate your habits related to culture, lifestyle, and health. Pay close attention to the minimum word counts on the questionnaire.

Next, research two cultures (religiously or geographically) different than your own. What are common practices in these cultures related to health in terms of dietary & fitness needs as well as when seeking health care? Create an excel reference chart that you could use in your career (and possibly add more cultures to later). It should contain at least 4 columns for dietary, fitness, need to know that explains the common practices within the culture & reference sites. This should be a minimum of 250 words with references to websites you can visit if needed for more information.

You will submit 2 separate documents.

Your research file submission should be named Lastname_Firstname_Assignment_3.

Your questionnaire submission should be named Lastname_Firstname_Questionnnaire. For more information on The Evolution of Healthcare Trends check on this:

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