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. Explain the argument—Simply, don’t be afraid to make the argument clear.
2. Criticize the argument—Even if you like the argument, be a Philosopher and keep your standards high!
3. Provide your own reflections on the nature of this argument and how it affects (if at all) the nature of
your own belief. This can mean that you find the argument convincing, you don’t find it convincing. It
justifies your belief, its questions your belief. Did it open a door to a new way of thinking? Did it make
you think a new way about God or religious belief?
4. NOTE: this assignment will not be graded on the basis of your belief or disbelief in the existence of
God. In #3 above will be graded on how you articulate your own response to the argument. Even if you
don’t find yourself saying much about the argument, ask yourself “Why? Is it because you do not
agree with the thinkers we have studied who hold that God can be known rationally? Is it because you
do not think the argument is a good one.

Ontological Argument—Descartes’s Ontological Argument (or you may chose Descartes “Idea of God caused by God”

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