The Implication of the Pandemic Covid 19

General pointers

· Length about 3-5 pages

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The Implication of the Pandemic Covid 19
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· Writing should be flawless

o Proof read for typos (spelling errors, punctuation)

o Good sentence construction and grammar

o Use active voice where possible and always phrase with emphatic endings

o Use a Formal tone of voice (not conversational and casual)

o Use segue sentences and link words for smoother transitions

o Coherent and logical arguments (sentences should build on one another and always stay on point, elaborating where necessary)

· For the most part, please still use APA format (references, double spaced, consistent font size and style, general rules such a numbers greater than 10 to be numeric and numbers less than 10 spelled). Of course the subsections will be different and vary from paper to paper so I don’t expect to see the classic “cover page, abstract, discussion, figure etc.)

· Feel free to use your own subheadings where you see fit to break up your essay into various subsections (e.g. history of eating disorders, prevalence of eating disorders in youth, relevance and treatment in youth)

· Be careful of plagiarism, always rephrase and cite, try not to use quotes unless absolutely necessary

I) Design a research study measuring the implication of the pandemic (Covid19) on any outcome measure (e.g. Social distance, social media usage, consumerism, anxiety, depression, etc.)

a. You would have a mini introduction: setting up the stage outlining why this is an important question and crucial topic to address, give a prediction or hypothesis of what you think you might find. In addition, when you write the mini introduction you might choose to use existing literature published on the same outcome measure you are interested in but related to a previous pandemic or national crisis (e.g. 9/11, SARS outbreak, ebola virus etc.)




b. You would have a small methods section that would talk about your proposed research sample (ie: children? Adults?) You would talk about the measures or material you need (ie: what questionnaires are you going to use to measure your outcome measure) and finally the procedures or methodology (ie survey, pretest/posttest type of study? between subjects? Randomized control trial?) What inferential stats are you are going to use to analyze?

c. What do you think you would find? Provide some brief speculation in a mini discussion section.

Writing well, having a clear argument or point, getting your point across in a succinct and eloquent manner and using a formal tone as opposed to a conversational/casual tone.For more information on The Implication of the Pandemic Covid 19 read :

The Implication of the Pandemic Covid 19

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