The Reason for Referral and Background Information

In week four of the coursework, the class was introduced to a career counseling assessment done for a client by the name of John. Lee, in the assessment, found that the reasoning behind this referral was due to assist John with choosing an area of study to focus on and potential career paths based on knowledge, skills, abilities, and preferences (Lee, 2014). This assessment was to help assist John with what he liked, what he knew about that subject. He could fulfill daily assessments within his desired interest. This would all help him choose a direct area to study and guide him toward a career path. Something John is willing and able to do for the rest of his life. Lee also found in the scenario that John is a first-year student at a University and is currently enrolled in general education courses (Lee, 2014). John, within the scenario, is just beginning his journey in college. John may not know exactly what he may want to study or do with the rest of his life. In the scenario given, John is given a few assessments to gather all needed information, to assess further what direction or interest would be best for John. Lee used NEO-R Personality Assessment, Career Goals Questionnaire, School and work history, and an Interview (Lee, 2014). In each assessment used, John was assessed on the answers he chose to each question given. John was assessed on his personality, his career goals, what he has done within the school, and previous work history, and lastly, an interview to see how John would react in this situation when applying for a position of his choice.

Assessment Procedures

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The Reason for Referral and Background Information
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The assessment test exhausted is called “NEO-R Personality Assessment,” which is based on the big five personality traits that have been known and are best accepted; the model that is most commonly used in the personality of academic psychology. NEO-R is based upon the big five personality model. It comprises several questions on an individual’s extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. This assessment gives an overview of what scale a person may be on with socialism and professionalism; each question is designed to rate who you are or how you would handle the situation; on a scale from one to five. The assessment is based on extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience (Pelt, Van der Linden, Dunkel, & Born, 2019). The actual percent is connected or known from statistical research of answers to character pieces, then viewing them within many people’s responses and one question to find the best way to summarize one’s personality. There are no right or wrong answers. The test is designed to find out what your personality may be, whether exceeding in one area and lacking in another (Pelt et al.,  2019). This assessment consists of about fifty different questions that the test taker must rate on how true the question is to them in their own opinion on a five-point scale, where 1=Disagree, 3=Neutral, and 5=Agree. The Big-Five Factor Makers made it known that it takes most individuals about three to eight minutes to complete the assessment fully.

General Observations and Impressions

Based on the information given and the assessment given to the client in the scenario; I overserved that the assessment helped with, according to Lee, “choosing a major area of study and potential career paths based on his knowledge, skills, abilities, and preferences” (Lee, 2014). I observed each process helping to guide John in the direction or area of study to lead him in the correct career path. I did observe one concern within giving the assessment and getting accurate results. Asuncion (2019) found that “some important concerns are limitations in subject’s self-knowledge, falsification of responses, and the development of response sets.” This concern is brought about, simply being if a person does not answer each question to what or how they feel, then, of course, this could alter the outcome of the assessment (Asuncion, 2019). There is even a chance that John could be given the wrong path to study and the wrong career options in his results from the assessment. In the assessment, it has been observed that John could make it easy for himself to be professional desirable to certain jobs that John may choose to pursue. Martínez, Moscoso, and Lado (2021) found that the same assessment may show John increased motivation to over present. Martínez et al. (2021) add that individuals could be pushed to overperform within their career path.

Test Results and Interpretations

Each section was based on Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Lee found within the assessment that Openness is, actual level for a person to be receptive to novel ideas, change, innovation, and new learning experiences; be the preference for change or preference for stability (Lee, 2014). Openness is seeing what or how people react when something is not what they see as the norm.

Lee results to John’s Openness:

           Table 1          

Preference for Change


You value new learning, change, and innovation and find motivation in novelty, variety, and possibilities for improvement. New tasks and new learning are stimulating and attractive to you.

Answer each of the questions listed below by marking the selection that best describes your present agreement or disagreement with each statement. Preference for Stability 


You value familiarity, predictability, and precedent and find comfort in stability, routine, and tradition. New tasks and new learning may be uninteresting or demanding for you.

1. The idea of lifelong learning appeals to me Strongly Agree  
2. I find it fun to learn and develop new hobbies Agree  
  Disagree 3. I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.



From this section of the assessment, it is shown that John seems to enjoy new learning experiences, and is fairly open to new situations, that he has a sense of a creative side, and can be very innovative. This section also displays that John could be bored very easily and that John would not be interested in doing anything repeatedly. Next would be the area of conscientiousness, and within the assessment, Lee found that conscientiousness is the manner of how reliable a person can be and whether the person can be depended on, and lastly, how they can handle what is expected of them and rules (Lee, 2014). This shows whether John can complete daily tasks without having to be watched and can be trusted to do the right thing.

Lee’s results to John’s Conscientiousness:

] Table 2



Orderly, organized, and predictable, you strive to work according to plan and obey the rules, and you expect others to do the same. Comfortable with established procedures and policies, you appreciate reliability and conscientiousness in those around you.

Answer each of the questions listed below by marking the selection that best describes your present agreement or disagreement with each statement. Flexible


Spontaneous, flexible, and adaptable, you strive to get unconventional means if necessary and feel restricted by rules and regulations. Comfortable with ambiguity, you appreciate originality and nonconformity in those around you.

1. I am very dependable and reliable in everything I do Strongly Agree  
2. I like to keep everything I own in its proper place. Neutral  
  Neutral 3. It is hard for me to keep my bedroom neat and clean



In this particular section of this assessment, John is a very dependable individual who is punctual in all that he does. John is also flexible with anything he does but wants to make changes and be free from his career. I also found that John may not always agree with the rules and regulations, especially if you find that the rules or regulations are not fair. Next, Lee went into the area of Extroversion, explaining it to be how outgoing, social, expressive, and talkative an individual can be (Lee, 2014). This portion of the assessment is to determine whether a person will be a socialite or to themselves.

Lee provided the results to John’s level of Extroversion:

Table 3



Inward-oriented and reserved, you prefer one-to-one or small group meetings to larger groups. You like to concentrate on one task at a time in a quiet setting with few distractions. Interacting with others takes energy; you re-energize by spending time alone.

Answer each of the questions listed below by marking the selection that best describes your present agreement or disagreement with each statement. Extroverted 


Outgoing, gregarious, and talkative, you enjoy meetings and gatherings of all kinds and conversations with many people. You like to work interactively on multiple tasks and don’t mind interruptions. Being alone takes energy; you reenergize by spending time with people.

  Agree 1. I am very outgoing and talkative.
  Agree 2. I have a lot of energy when I am around other people.
3. I am a fairly quiet person in most group settings. Disagree  



In the source of extroversion, you will find that John is a very outgoing person and that he is not normally a quiet person that sits back within a group setting. The other things that were found were that John might not complete every task that he begins, and lastly, John may work better within the group setting versus alone. John then had to answer questions on Agreeableness and how he felt on the questions. Lee found that within Agreeableness, John can work with a group on a group task (Lee, 2014). Not always does an individual know how to work within a group setting, and not always will you be required to work alone within your career.

Summary and Recommendations

Based on my evaluation of John’s assessment, I found that he is very caring and outgoing. John should further his education focusing on management, maybe in auto sales, where the employment is always based on what you sell and not really with concerns of how well you can or can’t sell a car if you sell the vehicle. John has such a caring side. He will make sure to have perfect fits for people and not feel as if they made the wrong decision. I also feel that John needs further assessments as to what he likes and can do daily.



Asuncion, P. (2019). The Relationship Between Rorschach Movement Responses and Intelligence in Children and Adolescents (Doctoral dissertation, Alliant International University).

Lee, J. (2014). PSY615: Week Four Career Counselor-Based Scenario. Career Counseling Assessment. Retrieved from

Martínez, A., Moscoso, S., & Lado, M. (2021). Faking effects on the factor structure of a quasi-ipsative forced-choice personality inventory. Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology37(1), 1-10.

Pelt, D. H., Van der Linden, D., Dunkel, C. S., & Born, M. P. (2019). The motivation and opportunity for socially desirable responding does not alter the general factor of personality. Assessment, 1073191119880960.,5&as_ylo=2017&scillfp=17608608307128665141&oi=lle

For more information on The Reason for Referral and Background Information read this:

The Reason for Referral and Background Information

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