The Strategic Workforce Planning Process

Imagine you have accepted a position at Sundried Clay, which is a fast growing tech at San Jose, as an Operations Manager.

Part 2: Conducting Interviews

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The Strategic Workforce Planning Process
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As a manager one of your key roles is having the ability to hire the right people. You need to be able to assess candidates and come to a decision on hiring. In this activity, you will work on devising interview questions that will help in this process.


For your three interview questions,

· Devise insightful interview questions that allow you to assess candidates.

· Defend the rationale for choosing the three interview questions. Justification as to why you will ask these questions should be approximately 350 words.

Part 3: Performance Appraisals

In leading people, it is critical to be able to provide meaningful feedback in the performance review process. Nearly all companies have an annual review process. In this activity, you will practice written performance feedback. Unfortunately, your predecessor didn’t do a very good job completing the performance appraisals for three members of your team. We need you to review the current appraisals for the three members of your team and update them. All appraisals should be on one page and 350 words total.

Your performance appraisal should

· Assess employee performance.

· Rewrite performance appraisals feedback.

Submission: You are required to submit the following items to earn a grade for this assignment.

· Parts 2 and 3: Submit your word document on conducting interviews and performance appraisals to Waypoint below. Your responses must be approximately 350 words each. Please review the Part 2: Conducting Interviews and Part 3: Performance Appraisals interactive above for more information and instructions.

****Paper should follow APA 7th edition protocol. Must reference two scholarly sources.For more information on

The Strategic Workforce Planning Process read this:
The Strategic Workforce Planning Process

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