Theology Review

For the assignment, you are to read the article below and write a 4-7 page review of it. Your primary sources for the paper are the article and the Bible. You may use other sources if necessary, but web-sites are not to be used as sources. You should properly cite all quotations and provide a Works Cited page. Please use the Chicago-Turabian style of parenthetical references, and use proper spelling and punctuation.


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Theology Review
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Write a minimum four page (maximum 7 page) review of the article. Please include the following in your review:

Give the full bibliographic information for the article in the TEXT of the paper.
{Note: This does not have to be in a specific format.}

Identify the target audience.

Identify the thesis of the article.

Summarize the development of the thesis.

Evaluate the article, including how the arguments supported the thesis, whether the thesis was proven, and the overall importance of the article.

Cite all quotations properly and include a Works Cited page.For more information on Theology Review read :

Theology Review

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