Top Easy Tips for Writing Rogerian Argument Topics 2021

Often, people waste time arguing about things they don’t fully understand. Is it much easier if everyone stopped arguing and work on finding common ground? Imagine a situation where everyone reaches a compromise and live peacefully. Here is where the interesting argument strategy called Rogerian argument comes into play. Therefore, knowing which Rogerian argument topics  are the most effective and applies in your writing you must take precedence. Unfortunately, not many people know about this form of argumentation and how it benefits both parties.

form of argumentation and how it benefits both parties

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Top Easy Tips for Writing Rogerian Argument Topics 2021
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 Students who study social sciences and humanities often interact with it and may need to write a Rogerian argument essay occasionally. This tips for writing Rogerian argument topic should provide you with in-depth information regarding the Rogerian argument outline and its use in a sentence structure.

What are Rogerian Argument Topics?

Rogerian argument essay structure is that everyone should first understand the viewpoint of the argument and that of the adversary before presenting their own ideas. Think of it as a conflict-resolution strategy that will help you build common ground with your adversary. You can do all this while stating your position.

As such, the rogerian argument topics must also be less aggressive than, say, the Toulmin argument topic or 5-paragraph essay topic. In contrast, most of the other argumentative topics and writings are always made with little regard to the opponent’s feelings. However, the Rogerian essay always strives to build both parties toward a common understanding.


common understanding

Rogerian argument essay topics open up to both parties’ perceptions of new ideas. Remember that, this isn’t meant to change their minds, but to try to make them view things from your point of view. Rogerian argument is an effective negotiating strategy where common goals between opposing teams are identified and used to reach an agreement. A neutral topic is the best way of starting off on a positive note.

When to use the Rogerian Argument Essay Method

The Rogerian argument is especially effective when you’re addressing highly controversial issues. For instance, if you are writing a Rogerian argument essay on gun control. Such a topic tends to attract a lot of controversy from both sides, with both parties having different ideologies.

Similar topics also tend to be highly emotional. Therefore, to avoid slinging false claims and insults, the Rogerian argument method helps bring both parties to a common understanding. Both parties will have mutual respect for having different opinions, even if both will never fully agree on certain issues.

The same is also true, for instances where you’re required to produce a Rogerian argument essay. Often, students find creating such argumentative essays difficult. Others find it almost impossible.

Examples of Rogerian argument topics

Crafting effective Rogerian argument topics for a paper can be challenging, especially if you’ve never written such a paper before.

Below is a detailed list of Rogerian argument example topics:

  • It is acceptable to practice euthanasia
  • It is unacceptable to practice euthanasia
  • The government should allow smoking in public
  • The government should prohibit smoking in public
  • Every citizen should be allowed to own a licensed gun
  • Allowing every citizen to own a gun is a dangerous law
  • The death penalty needs to be banned in modern society
  • The death penalty should not be banned in modern society
  • Teenagers should be allowed to make critical decisions
  • Teenagers should not be allowed to make critical decisions

Such topics help both parties to find common ground and provide reasons for their stand on one side of the argument instead of the other.

 Good rogerian argument topics can also come in the form of questions. For instance:

  • Is cheating out of control?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Are school uniforms beneficial?
  • Is torture ever acceptable?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?

From the topics listed above, it’s evident that the Rogerian argument essay is an expression of free speech. Therefore, if used appropriately, it can help get the point home to your opposition much more effectively.

Helpful Tips for Writing the Rogerian Argument Essay

1.      Determine common ground before writing

Before you start arguing your case, it’s best to ensure you have something to discuss and your opponent understands what is happening. Maybe you have too controversial positions and don’t really have anything in common to discuss. In such instances, your efforts will be futile.

2.      Avoid logical fallacies

Rational mistakes rank as some of the surest signs of a poorly crafted argument. In such instances, it may be best to write a checklist of all logical fallacies on the internet to help you argue your position better. Proofreading your essay thoroughly also helps to identify and correct any errors in your essay.

3.      Use a neutral tone

Remember, you’re not in it to convince anybody of anything. Therefore, including emotional expressions in your context will end up spoiling the overall impression of the essay. It may even make some of your readers doubt your objectivity on the topic in question.

4.      Learn more about opposing arguments

To find common ground in the argument, you must know your opponent’s ideas well. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be open to new thoughts, behaviors, and conceptions. This helps both sides to reach a consensus more quickly.

5.      Show no disrespect or patronization

Respect, trust, and equality must be the basis of your Rogerian argument topics and essay. Remember, your primary objective is to establish a partnership with your adversary or readers, not to show them your dominance.

6.      End on a positive note

Here, you want your final statement to sound hopeful and inspired. Essentially, you want to comfort your opponents or readers by proving to them that your arguments are worth their trust too. Be optimistic about furthering an even more developed discussion with your opponent.

Aims of the Rogerian Argument Essay

Generally, writers who use Rogerian argument in their writings attempt to accomplish three things:

  • Conveying to your opponent or reader that you understand him/her
  • Delineate the areas within which you believe your opponent’s position to be valid
  • Induce your opponent to believe that the two of you share similar moral qualities such as honesty, goodwill, and integrity and have a desire to find a mutually acceptable solution

Remember, these are just tasks, not the stages involved in the argument. Generally, the Rogerian argument essay and writing style has no conventional structure. Often, users of this writing strategy deliberately avoid using conventionally persuasive structures and techniques.

In sum

guide on how to write effective rogerian argument topics

This guide on how to write effective Rogerian argument topics should provide you with all the basic information to start and develop a strong argument. Before writing your first draft, ensure that you consider the topic you plan to argue and all the nuances involved with writing a Rogerian argument essay. The pointers mentioned above are an excellent place to start. Visit for help if you find yourself stuck.




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