Use of Male Nudity in the Film

Quick hits: You’re getting at something very interesting, but take your thesis a step further. Are you arguing about the double standard of nudity in film? What are some of the “responses and emotions” you mention? Are these justified? As you mention, we’re conditioned to see female nudity. Does male nudity break an accepted standard? Should it be a big deal or not? It’s true, for example, that a majority of film directors are male, although that’s changing. The Piano was written and directed by a woman. Here’s an interesting article: Also, where do you use your sources? I see no in-text citations.


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Use of Male Nudity in the Film
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Choose one topic from the choices below and compose a 500-700 word essay, including three credible and cited sources:

· Like some of Campion’s other films, this one includes male frontal nudity. She has noted that critics and
even (male) crew members have sometimes been shocked by this, which she finds amusing, given that
“from a woman’s point of view, you see naked women all the time in films.” Analyze the use of male nudity in this film and the effects it has on you the viewer and the story overall.For more information on Use of Male Nudity in the Film read :

Use of Male Nudity in the Film

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