Vignette Based Diagnosis Assignment

Answers to each person should be detailed and full. It is very important to differentiate the two, bipolar disorder vs borderline personality disorder, and others. Basically diagnosis of personality disorders, we need to compare them. Please make sure you are familiar with the personality disorders from general psychology.
Read through each vignette and diagnose each case accordingly. Each case is worth 2 points. After reading the vignette thoroughly and choosing the appropriate diagnosis, please support your choice with evidence and rationale. Show supporting symptoms as well.

Vignette 1: Karlene
While watching television one day, Karlene experienced a rush of anxiety, accompanied with a pounding heart, numbness in her fingers and toes, violent shaking and chest pains which left her gasping for air. Thinking she had experienced a heart attack, she went to the emergency room, but all test results were negative. Five months later she experienced another episode on her way to work. A third attack occurred 3 weeks thereafter, and soon the attacks picked up i frequency. She soon became so preoccupied with the fear of having an attack that she could not concentrate on her work. The constant worry of when these symptoms may come on interferes with her daily life and ability to find peace and joy.

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Vignette Based Diagnosis Assignment
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Vignette 2: Tia
Tia met Jay and it seems as though she “fell” for him hard. The couple had sex on their second date, and subsequently Tia told Jay that she was in love with him. Tia would call Jay several times throughout the day, often telling him that she wanted to see him. After three weeks, Tia was a frequent overnight guest at Jay’s house and had already began leaving clothes there. They had sex often, with Tia frequently telling Jay that he was special, and she couldn’t imagine life without him. Jay noticed that at times Tia slept in late and did little during the day. He also noticed little fresh cuts on her arm, but Tia’s response was usually that she fell. After two months, Tia began to seem cold and distant. She stopped spending nights at Jay’s house and would often ignore his phone calls. One day she sent an email to Jay telling him that she’s not in love with him anymore and she prefers not to see him again.

Vignette 3: Trisha
Last year as a sophomore in college, Trisha was raped by an acquaintance after a frat party. Shortly after she dropped out of school and has been living with her parents ever since. She re-experiences the rape on a daily basis and has not been able to venture out to social gatherings due to anxious and subsequent depressive moods that she feels. Flashbacks of the incident invade her dreams, thoughts, and she can’t seem to escape them. As a result her sleep has been affected and she has withdrawn from friends and loved ones.

Vignette 4: Maria
Maria lost her job after working there for 15 years and now can’t afford to pay her mortgage. She’s constantly crying and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Her family calls and she doesn’t pick up and won’t leave the house or answer the door. She feels worthless and is not motivated to get a job. She is barely eating and losing weight, though not substantial. She simply has no appetite. She feels as though she is moving through life slower and has no energy at all.

Vignette 5: Danny
Danny can’t hold a job because of his inconsistency at work. Some days he’s energetic and cheerful and other days he feels sad, worthless and doesn’t want to get out of bed. On the days when he does have energy, he feels abundant in creativity as though the ideas won’t stop flowing. He even ventures out and takes risks that perhaps he wouldn’t normally take. However, with the lack of sleep, he usually hits a “wall” and “crashes”, thus throwing him into a dark retreat in which he finds difficult pulling himself out of.For more information on Vignette Based Diagnosis Assignment read :

Vignette Based Diagnosis Assignment

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