Visual Analysis Paper

Choose an object from the time frame of the course (roughly the years spanning from 1500 to 1800) and feel free to challenge yourself by venturing beyond the traditional ‘fine arts.’ Paintings and sculptures, but also ceramic vessels, metalwork, furniture, garments, maps, printed broadsheets, drawings, or even entire buildings are appropriate subjects for your paper. You must have direct access to the work that you choose (e.g. from the Meadows Museum or Bridwell Library’s exhibition spaces) – although reproductions abound, they cannot convey the full experience of viewing and interacting with an object. Do not deny yourself the opportunity of working with the object directly! This is an honor-based system, but keep in mind that it’s very easy to tell from the quality of your analysis whether you actually saw the work in person or not! Choose an object that speaks to you. Since you will be devoting significant time to examining it for your visual analysis paper make sure that you find the object compelling. If you do, you are bound to make more precise, richer observations and, in effect, to produce more interesting work.

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Visual Analysis Paper
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