Western Music

Part 1:
Think about the two readings you read yesterday.

Think about them independently of one another. Consider the main point of each, the time each one was written (Cage 1950, Cixous 1975) and the conditions each writer was responding to.

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Western Music
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Think of them in conversation with one another. Are they in tension with each other? Do they share common aspirations?

Part 2:

Finally, choose one of the questions you posed for the Week One Assignment, or a question that interested you from our discussion. I wrote comments on each of the questions you submitted.
(My question is :
during eighteenth- and nineteenth-century, what is the media between the reality of the recording studio and Auditory art?
The Laugh of the Medusa
When a woman’s heart has a desire stirring inside and immersed in her own world, how should be released?)

Refine one of your questions, if you like, and attempt to answer it in a concise, approximately 350-word essay. Your essay can be less words, and should be no more than 3 paragraphs.

Be sure to have a clear thesis statement, that is, one sentence that clearly states the main point you are making. It should be placed prominently in your paper. This could be either at the beginning or the end, or set up in a different way that makes it clear what your key sentence is.

Be sure to include an example that illustrates or supports the point you are making. It can be a simple example, but it should help to clarify your point.

I am interested in seeing how well you can organize a single thought, and clearly and concisely develop it. I am looking for a tight, thoughtful, short paper that demonstrates your ability to write and to make a point. Remember that making a point doesn’t always mean that you have the answer!

Look at the Rubric I will be using to score your paper, and be mindful of it while writing.For more information on Western Music read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_music_(North_America)

Western Music

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