Women’s Spiritual Development

Make a single point about women’s spiritual development or phase of development.

Support that point throughout the paper by using examples and quotes from other essays.

Consider Carol Christ’s and Judith Plaskow’s theory of the Revolutionaries (Outies) and Reformers (Innies), those women who chose to leave the Patriarchal structures and begin anew and those women who stay within them in an attempt to make them more female friendly.

The way to do this, is to begin with a broad, open ended question that is important to you, and then to do your research to answer that question. The answer to the question is your thesis, and your quotes and examples should support that point. During the process, you will need to tweak the question and later, tweak the answer. Starting from your own experience is fine, but keep in mind that the emphasis is on the topic, not on the writer. In that light, you may be an example in the paper, but the paper is not based on you, the writer.For more information on Women’s Spiritual Development  check this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_and_religion

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Women’s Spiritual Development
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Women's Spiritual Development

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