Working in Groups and Teams

For this discussion, think about a time where you were put in a group. Was it a good experience or bad”? Explain.What does it mean to be a member of a team? What can a team accomplish that one person working alone cannot?

Sometimes groups hold unproductive or counterproductive behavior, what should the leader do to get the group back on track?

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Working in Groups and Teams
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1-I had a consistent lab team in my AP chemistry class. We were a group that goofed off a lot but we got our labs done effectively and the lab reports always got written with equal effort. I had a blast with that class mostly because the labs were so fun with my lab mates. I think group work is definitely better if there’s a little fun so long as tasks still get done.

Being in a team means less overall work, but you’re effectively promising to take care of a responsibility since group activities are rewarded for the whole team and not individual effort. It’s definitely a double edged sword that depends on the kind of people in the group. A team can have people with a variety of skills and experiences that will output much better results and faster than a single person working on a project of similar scope.

If things are being unproductive, I propose a leader could set aside some time for everyone in the team to do individual work so no one distracts each other. Another way could be to directly call out unproductive behaviors (like fighting or chatting too much) and just address things as they come along rather than halting the group work progress.


no less than 80 words

2-I have been in many groups through high school and college. One particular time when I was in a group I had to do a project for my Humanities class. Everyone was supposed to decide what tasks to delegate between each other. This was a bad experience because I tried to contact my classmates via email (it was an online course) and I received no responses from any of my 4 group members. I had to email my professor after 5 days and 2 emails being sent.  Being a member of a team means communicating and doing your share of the work so that one person isn’t doing more and carrying the rest of the team. A team can see things from many perspectives and brain storm a variety of ideas. When a group has counterproductive behavior, a team leader should make sure everyone is focused and has an easily reachable goal.

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