World Health Organization Survey

Topic: How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected people’s mental health and substance abuse?According to World Health Organization Survey, COVID- 19 pandemic has disrupted thelives of millions of people around the globe and the demand for mental health services has beenon the rise in most counties. The pandemic triggered vast lockdown and the entire population hadto go in isolation (Shroff & Becker, 2021).Thesis statement:The experience of COVID-19, breakdown of social support, loss of jobs and the stigmabehind the disease has affected many people’s mental health while others have resulted tosubstance abuseMajor disruptions due to COVID-19 that has led to mental problems1. In the United States forty-five percent of adults have reported experiencing stress andanxiety and the number is likely to increase as the pandemic continues to spread.2. In the United Kingdom approximately thirty-three percent of the residents Have said toexperience anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic.3. Young adults have experienced closure of schools and loss of jobs resulting to poormental health.4. Different nations have experienced economic downturns and hence lacking enoughresources to sustain the country.THESIS AND OUTLINE 35. People of color- for instance the Hispanic and Latinos have suffered the effects of thepandemic and accessing mental health services have become a challenge6. Many essential workers such as nurses are at a high risk of contracting the virus.Why people have turned to substance abuse1. The pandemic was not expected therefore, most people had not prepared both financiallyand emotionally for the period.2. With government enacting lockdown in most countries the economic status was affectedgreatly and most business could not retain their workers hence most individual weresacked or retrenched from their jobs.3. With families to feed, bills to take care of and no income coming in, most individualsresulted to abuse of drugs as a way to occupy their minds and not face the reality that washappening (Panchal et al, 2020).4. Most individuals that turned to substance abuse after the pandemic have had to deal withloss of property due to lack of funds to finance mortgages, family breakup and loss ofjobs.For more information on World Health Organization Survey check on:

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