World Religions

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World Religions
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If I had to choose between following early Confucian principles or early Daoist principles as a path in life, I think I would choose …

The format of this assignment should be the same as last time: 3-pages in length (= ~ 900-1000 words), and written as clearly, concisely, systematically and comprehensively as you can in the allotted 3 pages.

Resources and Referencing:

For the purposes of this short writing assignment, you are restricted to the material in our Course Reader and lecture notes. All direct quotations OR specific facts taken from the Course Reader or Lecture Notes must be duly referenced. For the purposes of this writing assignment, just insert the reference directly into the text, e.g. (Teachings of Confucius, p. 5), or (Lecture Notes, Nov. 10, 2020). No bibliography is needed.For more information on World Religions check this:

World Religions

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